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Tamon Architecture + Interior Design in Edmonton is composed of young and dynamic architects and designers who have dedicated their passion and talents in providing design services an architectural firm can offer

We provide consistently high level of quality design services.

Our clients continue to retain the firm based on our ability to meet their program expectations, schedule and budget.

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Passionate and creative Architecture + Interior design firm.
We specialize in designing commercial, institutional, industrial and residential developments, both for.


Industrial buildings include factories, plants and refineries. These buildings are an important part of the economy. They provide things like concrete and wood for building; and fuel for our vehicles.


Because of the growing population in Edmonton and the surrounding areas there is a big need for residential housing. We have designed row housing in new and infill neighbourhoods,as well as a 19 story apartment building. Infill lots ar


Mixed-use buildings are a good use of space. They provide amenities to the residents in and around the surrounding areas. The residents can now live closer to work, and work could either be in that specific building or in an area nearb


Commercial buildings host a number of different uses. They can hold many different businesses such a retail, office, and personal service spaces. Currently to date we have designed several commercial buildings.


Office space is always changing with each new client. The exterior of the building must be able to reflect the modern and forward thinking companies that are inside. The interior of the building must be flexible for the many different


Hospitality spaces include restaurants, and must be inviting for the customer so that the customer will come back time after time. The owner also needs a space that is easy to work in for themselves and their staff.